Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Digs!

Once again it has been forever since i have updated...i'm no good at keeping up with this thing! There have been some fun changes going on around here. My friend Jessica and I recently decided to rent a house together and we lucked out and found a great one much closer to our jobs! Many have been asking for photos of the new place so this post is for you! Here we go.....
This is our home...(Jessica refers to our house as "pink" i dont like that term haha. We both agree that the color is not our favorite but what can ya do...its a rental and the inside more than makes up for it.) to be honest...even the outside appearance is growing on me!
this is the view as you enter our front door...
To the left is the dining area and kitchen, straight ahead is the living room, to the right is my bedroom, guest bath, and guest bedroom.
Looking back down the hallway to the door...
This is our living room. (please excuse the pack and play in the corner-thats Rugsbys)

we have a few more prints to hang in the living room but they are still a work in progress. I really love the overall look. It is a great space and our furniture really meshes well together. we love it!
Now on to the kitchen....

okay so i apologize for how blurry some these pictures are. I was in a hurry and it was tight getting some of the rooms. this is our Kitchen/Dining room. The table was in my grandparents home and then my parents & I love it!!! (sidenote: when we first saw pics of this house the kitchen had AWFULL wallpaper...luckily the renter before us did some painting, not good paining (you should see our baseboards) but its much better than it was)

This is my bedroom...i love love love all the built ins! At first i was really stressed about how tight my room would be but now that its all finished i really like it. It feels like home! 

I think the guest bath came together well. (when we got the keys and i walked in this bathroom was turquoise floor to ceiling...thank goodness for painters!)

 This is our guest room. I think it has a lot of charm! It is all set up and ready for company so come on!!! 

Finally this is our back yard. We haven't done any work on it yet. We have some cute patio furniture to paint and put back there and we would love to plant some flowers all around the house. All of the trees are great because we are in the shade all day long. 
So there it is! (Jessica is in the master bedroom it is off of the living room and the laundry room is connected to her room and the garage)