Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2011 My Year at a Glance

Okay so i think its safe to say that i havent been the regular blogger. I am going to try and work on it but i have said that before so no promises. I felt like this would be a great time to fill everyone in on the past year since i wasnt great about blogging on it. hold on to your seats this is going to be a fast trip through 2011.....Here we go!

January 2011 

I GOT A JOB!!!!! Not only did i get a job but i have the most incredible job i could imagine. I am the administrative assistant for the Early Childhood Department and i work with the most amazing ladies ever! It has truly been a blessing!! 

SNOW!!! lots and lots of snow! This was my first winter in NWA and we had a lot of the white stuff. It was beautiful but i was not a fan of being trapped inside for a week!!! 

Spring 2011

I got a new CAR!!!! I had been needing one for a while and my other dad Jerry found me a great deal!!! I was wanting something a little bigger and he found me the perfect ride! I got a Ford Escape! 
  More School!! I am still in school at JBU working SLLOOWWWLLLYY through my Masters in Community Counseling as well as Marriage and Family Therapy. I have never been a big fan of school work but if i have to go somewhere im happy its at JBU! 

Summer 2011

My Birthday!!!! 
Also this summer i took a girls trip with Allie, Liz, Charla, Beth, and Calleen to Memphis for a concert. We went to see............ 
It was incredible!!! we had so much fun, AJ even came down our aisle and held my hand and sang to me! I felt like a 13 year old starstruck girl all over again!!! 

ITS A BOY!!! Also this summer i got a new addition.....his name is Rugsby!!!! He is a Bichon Frise puppy and i adore him!!! I would LOVE to tell you he is still this small but my "little man" is weighing in at over 16lbs these days!! Still as cute as can be!!

Random event of the year!!!! okay so get this....i have a twitter account and shortly after my NKOTBSB experience i was checking it rather fact im not ashamed to say that i started following almost all of them. In August i got a message that i had someone following me.....guess who it was?!?!?!?!
maybe you remember him like this..
Thats right!!! Joey Lawrence started following me! i still have no idea how this happened i wasnt even following him...i even tweeted about it and got a response! 
Joey Lawrence 
 well you should come on now!! :)
How Crazy is that!!! My very small brush with stardom!! 

Fall 2011
This fall my friend Jessica and i took a little weekend trip to......
it was Awesome!!!! We had a blast! It was my first non family vacation and we did it up right! I cant wait to go back!!! 
The rest of fall has been wrapped up in Thanksgiving and Christmas and Finals and all of those fun but busy activities. It truly has been a blessed year and i am looking forward to what 2012 has to offer! I hope to keep you better posted this year!! Hang with me!! 

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  1. Love it that you are blogging! Nice to look back over the past year. Love you, Mom