Friday, January 6, 2012

2012 New Year...New Start

I always love it when the new year comes, its a fresh start. You can put the past behind you and start over from scratch if you'd like. That is my plan for this year, more or less. 2011 was a good year for was a rebuilding year after a very hard and emotional 2010. I am thankful for 2011, i grew and learned a lot. I was able to see God providing for me every corner i turned. It was incredible. However, it was not without difficulties of its own. like any year there were times of sadness, despair, confusion but GOD IS GOOD. Through those times he placed incredible friends and family in my life to encourage and guide me. Looking back it truly is incredible to see how the right person comes into your life at the right time to say exactly what you need to hear. Thats how our God works...incredible. I don't know about you but its hard to wrap my mind around that kind of love and attention to detail! 

Okay so as for 2012, this is what i would like to see in this year....
*Growth- Growth in my relationship with God, depth in the relationships and friendships that i currently have, growth in my knowledge not only of what im studying but what i should be doing with what im learning. 
*Motivation-Motivation to give it my all, to be ready and willing for whatever God is going to place in my life this year. Motivation not only to do what i should be doing but doing so with passion and enthusiasm. To live my day to day life to give glory to The Lord and not just to check another day off the calendar!
*Discipline- Discipline with my time, Bible study, finances, health, relationships, priorities... I want this for my life, i know the freedom that will come with it...i just need to get there. No more excuses! 
*Compassion- There are so many things that i am passionate about but for the most part that's where it ends. In my heart i long to do more, to be active, to make a difference. However, i do NOTHING. That changes in 2012! I want to get involved, help make others aware, i want to be the hands and feet of Christ! (I am going to begin to highlight a different cause or organization every month or so. i want others to know and if nothing else be praying for these organizations. Keep your eyes peeled!)
*Love & not talking about a husband...haha Although, if God provided this year i would be thrilled. I am talking about love and acceptance of myself and others. I don't think im alone when i say that i am defiantly my own worst critic. Im tired of that way of thinking, if i don't love myself how can i expect anyone else to. This year i want to focus on getting to know myself and allowing God to reveal truths to me that have been covered up for WAY to long by lies. I want to become more loving of others, to be more intentional with building relationships and allowing God to work through me while doing so!

I don't know about you but i am excited about 2012! I think it will be a great year! I ask that you keep me accountable on these things... feel free to check in on me, encourage me, call me out if you have to! :) Happy New Year!! 


  1. I love you, Casey! I can't wait to see what the Lord will do next in your life!

  2. Just reading your goals has inspired me to set my own! I love you, and I can't wait to see all the things the Lord will do in your life this year. Love, Mom

  3. Way to go year and a new start! Here's to 2012! :-)


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