Friday, February 3, 2012


Okay so i know its been like a month since i have posted last but things have been busy around here. There have been some big changes and i'm very excited about them. I have been in grad school for a year and a half now. I have enjoyed it, i am passionate about what i have been learning, and i have had a plan that i have been sticking to. (grad school, counseling supervision, doctorate degree, counseling practice) There was nothing wrong with the was a admirable, well thought out plan, BUT it was MY plan...i made it, i decided what i would do and when i would do it and i didn't even think twice to seek God in that decision. I feel like often that is easy to do especially when it is a good thing, we think why wouldn't God want me to pursue this?

This is what i know about my situation... God placed a calling in my life to help those that are hurting, wounded, lonely, who just need someone to talk to. I have a desire to meet with, encourage, and counsel these whether it be women, college, youth, or couples one day...what has changed for me is the format in which i will do that. Instead of it being through means of clinical counseling (meaning a licenses counselor in an counseling practice) i am feeling led to ministry. This is very exciting for me, i currently work at a church that i absolutely love and cant think of a better thing to do with my life that be in ministry. This is also scary for me because in doing so i am leaving behind the plans that I made, the comfort of knowing what is next, where i will be in 10 years. That is something that i had a hard time letting go of and i think that's why God had to make me so uncomfortable in my current situation that i had no other choice than to drop the classes that i was currently in (two weeks into the semester) and step out on faith to follow Him.

On the flip side...I'm excited!! I love the freedom that following and trusting in God brings, it has opened up my horizons to limitless opportunities. I cant wait to see what He has in store for me!! Right now i am strongly relying on my self proclaimed life verse Psalm 46:10 to "Be still & Know...." Being still is not my forte but as the name of my blog reflects its something i'm constantly trying to learn to do more often. I would appreciate your prayers during this time as well as feed back or encouragement. I really am loving this new stage that i have entered into, it really makes all the difference when you stop trying to lead your own life and allow God to lead you!! Keep checking in!! I will be sure to keep you all posted along the way!

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  1. Love your blog and so proud of you, Casey. We will continue to pray along side you and watch what God does, with you. Love, Mom and Dad