Thursday, September 16, 2010

Playing Hostess!

Let me just start by saying i have the GREATEST family and friends in the world!! I was worried that i would be really lonely moving up here all by myself but they have really stepped up! I have been blessed with company at my new apartment EVERY weekend for the first TWO months that i have lived here! This post is dedicated to those wonderful weekends spent with my favorite people! I wish that i had pictures of everyone but i kinda dropped the ball and forgot to get out the camera a couple of times! Sorry, i will work on that! Okay so here we go....
My first weekend in the apartment was spent with my parents and a special visit from Graham, Leslie, and the girls. We were really busy getting all moved in and settled and this is one of the only pictures i came away with. 
My second weekend in my apartment i was in Nashville, Tn with Graham and the youth from Fellowship Fort Smith at PowerPlant! 
The following weekend i was paid a visit by two of my favorite ladies! My mom and my Mamaw! They came to see the place and to help me paint! I loved spending quality time with them! Unfortunately i don't have any photo documentation of this visit...sad day :(
The fourth weekend in my new place was a very special one! My oldest brother Corey came to stay the weekend and Graham, Leslie, and the girls came up for the day. We seldom get to spend quality time together just the siblings so we really enjoyed it. We took the girls swimming and cooked out on my new grill! It was a wonderful time with some of my very best friends and all around greatest people i know. 
Of course we came away with mostly just pictures of the girls but look at them...why would you wanna look at anyone else?!?! They both really took to swimming and were sooo cute doing it! 
                                             I mean seriously!!! How stinking cute are they!!!
The following weekend i got a visit from my very best friend Amanda!!! I was so happy that she finally got to come see the apartment and that we were able to spend some quality time together! She and i NEVER take pictures together so we tried to make up  for lost time and this is what we ended up with. haha Oh well it was worth a try at least there were a few good ones in the mix. 
Camera Difficulties! 
Ahh Finally!
The following weekend Allie, Liz, and Charla came to visit to celebrate Allie's 21st Birthday!!! We had a BLAST!!! There was A LOT of laughing, singing, dancing, and silliness but i wouldn't trade it for the world....although i probably wont be voted "quite neighbor of the year" after that weekend!
Happy Birthday!!
Gettin ready to go out!!
                                                                    Had to have a silly one! 


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